The MArket after Labour Day

Labour Day weekend is upon us and we are excited.  We had a busy summer and took a lot of time to enjoy our family.  Barbecues and Camping and lots of fun.  Connor was in Football practices 3 x per week and in the meantime we managed to help out a lot of people find some great Real Estate purchases.  We sold a few listings from the campsite negotiating from our iPad and iphones but now we are ramping things up for the Fall.  Right after Labour Day is the absolute best time to buy for all Buyer's as this is the time that a lot of listings have been sitting on the market.  We had a great summer this year and the weather was awesome.  That tends to keep people's minds off of buying homes.  Once everyone gets back into their routines we generally see a spike in activity.  Call us if you need any help with your Real Estate needs.  Even if it is just to chat and make a plan for the future.  We are here as your trusted advisors to help you make a great real estate decision.  Chilliwack is on the verge of exploding.  We are expecting some great things in 2014....The time to make a move is now.