The remainder of this weekend and next week are forecast to be Hot in the Chilliwack area and the air conditioner is on today.  But the market is also hot at the same time.  Normally we see July slowing down while people are booking camping trips, heading off to Cultus Lake for sunny "lake days" or off to Harrison Hot Springs for the same....But man oh man we have been busy.  Huffington Post mentioned Chilliwack in the top 10 Hot places to buy real estate right now and they are right.  
The market prices are still very affordable and we are beginning to see the pendulum swinging into an upward direction....Property values are poised to increase as we move from a balanced real estate market to a more sellers market.  The interest rates are low.  We had a client achieve a 2.99% rate locked in for a 5 year terms recently!!  
This is the perfect time to buy in Chilliwack!  Call us today to learn more!!