REALTORs in Canada GIVE a lot of Money

Canadian REALTORS Care® Foundation | Fondation canadienne REALTORS Care®
$53.8 million. Now that's an amount of money that's hard to ignore, don't you think? It's how much the REALTOR® community in Canada reported giving to charity in 2012 and 2013 alone. It sends a strong message and helps CREA and the Canadian REALTORS Care® Foundation highlight the generosity of REALTORS® like you to the general public, the media, and decision-makers on Parliament Hill. And yet, we know it's only a fraction of the true amount given by REALTORS® to your communities and favourite charities.Now that 2014 has come to a close, the Foundation wants to add another year's worth of REALTORS®' donations and fundraising totals to that figure to make it even more attention-grabbing and a more accurate reflection of the generosity of REALTORS® in our country. We need your help!Please visit and complete a simple form to let us know how you gave back last year. A PDF copy of the form is also attached to this email, in case you'd prefer to submit your information by email, mail, or fax. Rest assured your personal information will be kept strictly confidential, in accordance with CREA's Privacy Policy.We appreciate your help in showing the world that REALTORS Care®.Thank you kindly, Ralph Fyfe
Chair, Canadian REALTORS Care® Foundation