Select Real Estate....just makes sense.

  Don't you just love the penguins?  We do.  You will see them more and more on our website as we move things along. We may even have contests later with these cute guys involved in one way or another. Our website is now updated with the information that you need to make a great decision.  We have met with a number of clients lately who love the new model.  They love the fact that they have a choice and they feel that it makes a lot of sense.  It seems so simple and obvious actually.  It just makes logical sense.  Why would someone call any other company when we can handle the needs of any seller?  That was one question that came up and to tell you the truth, I had to agree.  Why?  Because that is the way it has been done for the last 40 to 50 years?  Because this may be a little different so it is scary?  I am not sure.  But I am happy to spread the word and take the time to explain what we can do for people and I really love it when I see the lightbulb come on in their eyes with a slow nod...saying....things like.."wow that makes a lot of sense".  It solidifies to us that we have made a good decision in our move to this company.  
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