Busy Busy Busy!!!  Thank you!!

Since we joined the Select Real Estate team we have had to make a lot of adjustments and ensure that all of our marketing and communications were completed while serving our clients.  It has been really really busy but thankfully we have a team of professionals to take care of a lot of the details.  We have listed 4 properties in the last couple of weeks during this transition and we are impressed with the support staff here at Select Real Estate!  Wow.  Stuff gets done here!  It takes such a load off of our minds to know that all of the pictures get taken care of, the brochures, the social media marketing, and the ad arrangements are all done for us.  It is one thing just to get things done but they are done very, very well.  We are looking forward to being able to spend more time doing what we love and that is to help people buy and sell homes.  Not getting hung up on the details is such a refreshing feeling.  When we speak to people about the new listing models we are getting such a great response it is truly giving us great confidence that we have made the right move.  
On this Friday, we are taking time out to be thankful for the support staff and professionals at Select Real Estate for making our lives easier.  Thanks a lot.