The CBC says this in an "Ugly Real Estate Market"???!!!

Keep in mind that there is no Foreign Buyers Tax in Chilliwack.  That makes Chilliwack more attractive....not ugly.

People are cashing out and becoming millionaires and then coming to Chilliwack.  Seems pretty attractive to me.  Young Families are moving from Surrey and Langley and coming to Chilliwack to good schools and a more relaxed lifestyle with all the amenities they need.  Add to that the lakes and hiking and biking trails we provide here.  Chilliwack is a very attractive place to live if you are concerned about the UGLY REAL ESTATE MARKET!!!  Come a little Eastward and you will find it is quite attractive here.   A lot of companies are relocating here to do business.  The University of the Fraser Valley is in constant expansion mode and Molson Canadian Breweries is in the building stage.....lots going on.  Give us a call and we would be happy to give you a tour of the Chilliwack area.....

Chilliwack​This is where $500,000 will buy you a house. On the Sardis side, options range from a B.C. box house or a really nice townhouse. On the Chilliwack side, $500,000 dollars will get you a bigger house. 
Chilliwack house for 500,000This four bedroom bungalow sold in Chilliwack for under $500,000. (MLS)
  • List price: $449,300 | Sale price: $482,000
  • 1,837 bungalow in Chilliwack, 4 bedroom, 2 bath
The more affordable option — $250,000 — will land you an apartment on the Sardis side or a single level townhouse or teardown in Chilliwack. 
Sardis Townhouse 250,000This penthouse condo in Sardis sold for $250,000. (MLS)
  • List price: $249,900 | Sale price: $250,000
  • 1,093 sqare feet apartment in Sardis, 2 bedroom, 2 bath
Chilliwack townhouse sold for $245,000This two storey framewood townhouse in Chilliwack sold for $4,900 under asking. (MLS)
  • List price: $249,900 | Sale price: $245,000
  • 1,320 square foot townhouse in Chilliwack, 3 bedroom, 1 bath
But these listings are attracting multiple offers. "They're asking me to door knock find properties that aren't on the market so they are not competing against other people," said realtor Aaron Tschritter."This is the first time that sales are down a little bit, not because people don't want to buy. It's just that there is nothing to buy," said Greg Nord-Leth, president of the Chilliwack and District Real Estate Board.Nord-Leth believes part of the attraction is that Chilliwack is the Langley of 10 years ago. As Langley becomes more urban, people are opting for Chilliwack, he said, where they can get more for their money and get a calmer atmosphere.He said the foreign buyers tax has also had rippling effects on the Chilliwack housing market. "Foreign buyers were buying in Vancouver, Vancouver buyers were leaving and coming to Langley, and the people from Langley were coming to Chilliwack," said Nord-Leth.