The world is changing so fast.  So incredibly fast. 

The Real Estate world is in a constant "state of change".  3D tours, Video tours and Drone footage and 20 photos in the MLS now.  However, at the end of the day, people still need to see the home in order to make a great decision. 

When they come to the home after looking at all of that info what happens?  Do they go ..."hmmmm well this is not what I expected" OR "HA....this is exactly what I was hoping this home would look like"???

That is the key to marketing now.  People want honesty.  They want to rely on the information.  They want a lot of information.  IT is our duty to get that to them.  

OPEN HOUSES are important for the seller.  It is is important to give people a chance to come and view the home when they may have time, but their own BUYERS AGENT may not. 

Its ok.  That is our job as Listing Agents.  To expose the home to as many people as possible.