Stats are good for Chilliwack!

I am posting this late in the month of July because we have been so busy lately. The Chilliwack market is busy.  We have been dealing with multiple offers, new listings, buyers and Virtual Open Houses and lots of social media work.  We did manage to sneak in a couple camping trips but we were "workationing" as well.  Our Rocket Hub has been very helpful to keep us connected so that we can still process contracts with our clients and negotiate deals from our campsite.  

Our market is healthy.  It is balanced and the fundamentals are in place.  It is not a bubble.  It's not due to "pent up" is a good real estate market and still a very good time to buy.  It is my opinion that next Spring will be crazy and it would be prudent to make the move prior to that.  We stayed steady during the COVID "blip"  - prices didn't fall.  Now they have risen by about 5%.  That is just the start in my opinion.  People who are expecting the market ot fall are going to get caught and possibly get priced out of the market.  

Here is the Provincial Stats