Testmonials are Important!

We are in a "Review Society" now.  When Nicole and I go on a trip and we are planning we are constantly checking reviews.  When we are looking at AirBnB's or VRBO or Hotels in the area that we are travelling to....we read alot of the reviews.  Not only do we get a lot of interesting insights, but that helps us decide where we want to go.  Who we want to work with...where we want to stay...where to eat.... AND  - we know that is no different for Real Estate.  People want to deal with people.  People that they trust. People that they can count on.  People that listen.  People that understand.  People that are capable.....How do you get to get to know that about a Real Estate professional, unless people take the time to give feedback.  So, as much as we like to rely on the feedback of others, it is important to be the people giving the feedback too....to help others.  Thank you to the Wilnechenko Family for taking the time to give us feedback.  Here is what they said:

"Kelly and Nicole are simply the best!!  They were so supportive and patient with us.  Always available without being pushy, and super knowledgeable about every aspect of the selling and buying process.  They are very kind, thoughtful and respectful (so much so, that even the sellers noticed - and commented!) and were always ready with great advice whenever we had questions.  We 100% recommend Kelly and Nicole - no regrets!!" Kevin and Ruth