NEW Condo Market is strong in Chilliwack!! 

Not long ago, if someone asked me, what "Dollar per sqft should I expect to sell a new condo for?" I would have answered ...  "Well, I think you would have to adjust your budget based on under $300/sqft..."  I checked the stats today and we are getting close to $500/sqft in some cases around the Garrison Crossing area and hovering in the $400 to $450/sqft range in the Downtown area of Chilliwack!!!  Wow.  This is fertile soil for development in the future for sure!
The table below has been embedded into this BLOG post as a graph that will change as stats feel free to keep coming back to check!  
Call me anytime if you want to chat about opportunities in the Chilliwack Market!  I would love to put my 23 years of experience in the Chilliwack to use for you to make a great investment!

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