Could the WORST be OVER?

WE know that the quote:  "This too shall pass."  Is true.  For everything.  For the Good Times; the bad times, the crazy times, the confusing times and I think we have experienced it all in my 25 years in this business!  This artical is from the Vancouver Sun - published Nov. 18, 2022.  What are your thoughts?  As always, we are always here to chat.  Call/email/text/messenger or WhatsApp us anytime to talk about the Real Estate Market.  We will do our best to help sift through the information and come up with, what we believe to be the true solution for you.  Sometimes, there is an amazing opportunity when the news imposes fear but sometimes, the fear is real.  We promise to be honest.  

Could the worst be over? National home price index pulls back from record declines

Teranet-National Bank composite Index down 0.8 per cent in October