January 2015

Bank of Canada interest rate drop!!!  .25 percent!  how will this affect us?

Posted on Jan 23, 2015

Canadians have been left wondering whether they'll enjoy lower rates on mortgages and other loans in the aftermath of a surprise interest rate cut by the Bank of Canada on Wednesday,Canada's five biggest banks are deciding whether to cut their prime lending rate, which affects the interest on some mortgages, lines of credit and other financial prod...

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Posted on Jan 13, 2015

This lady was referred to us and it was a difficult assignment but we were able to achieve what they needed....she has already referred a nice couple to us.
See her comments below:
"One word - Amazing! Selling the house was hard enough, but the divorce on top of it all....anyway you were amazing, calm, and even though I had a billion questions I was...

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